It is not easy to get visits and users on your blog. Just consider that every day are started on the internet millions of blogs around the world but only a small percentage of them manage to get some success on the network.

But every blogger can “arm” their website to make it more competitive in the network. How is a weapon blog? Optimizing it for search engines and working with SEO.

Below are 5 tips to make your blog more competitive and more SEO-friendly!

1. Optimize the structure of the URL

WordPress CMS is considered one of the most forward in the field of SEO. However, we must make some changes to optimize it further. The structure of the default URL of WordPress is the type example .com/? p = 250 where the number at the end is the ID of the post.

It is therefore clear that it is necessary to optimize the structure of the URL. Fortunately, WordPress makes it easy to change this: to Settings -> Permalink select the item name Post.

Please remember to include the URL keywords of the post!

2. Descriptions and titles optimized for each page

The next step is the optimization of titles and descriptions. Each page should have a unique title and description. The title should be a maximum of 70 characters (including spaces) and the description up to 140 characters.

To facilitate insertion of the meta description tag on every page you can use the plug-in WordPress SEO by Yoast!

3. Optimize Blog Posts

After optimizing the URLs, titles and descriptions touch on the content of each article.

When you write an article you should try to use the keywords for which you want to optimize the post. You might think to add your targeted keywords, once in the first paragraph and once in the last section. You can add a picture citing the keywords in your name and in the text alternative. You can add a variety of styles (bold, italic, hx etc …) to the keyword.

Be careful however not to use it too: the sense of the post should not be altered and must not change. Remember that you are writing for people and not for a computer!

4. Create XML Sitemap

Now, tell the search engines what and where are our articles for fast indexing.

To create a sitemap you can always use the plug-in WordPress SEO by Yoast. After creating the need to send it to every search engine through its centre webmaster. For example, to send it to you to use Google Webmaster Tools.

5. Speed ​​up WordPress

I have the fastest possible blog. Google has included, among several factors of a website, the speed of loading.

To speed up WordPress there are several free plug-ins that work in different ways and greatly increase the speed of loading of pages on your blog. Below you find two.

It is important to remove from the database queries and useless data (in addition to several revisions of the post).

Now you’re ready to start your blog is optimized and is “a friend of the search engines.”

Do you need to optimize your blog posts? Feel free to contact me.

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